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To a potential home buyer, a visually modern website can speak volumes about the municipality they’re looking to buy they’re next home in. Younger, tech savvy buyers will research the area they’re considering living in. More experience homeowners might need to research building code or submit a zoning application. Making sure your website is well laid out with all pertinent information accessible within a single-click is vital for anyone trying to use your website.  

Many government agencies already have a website however there are a number of common challenges that aren’t considered when trying to keep the website current:

  • Disconnected or unrelated systems
  • Outdated styling
  • Lack of central “ownership” over the website
  • Micro-billing for every updated or slight change to existing content
  • Outdated Public Information

New Tools, New Possibilities

Every website has room for improvement however not every budget allows for everything to get done in a single project. LCS works to solve these problems by “owning the bigger picture” and helping to introduce a framework for using a stepping stone progression method that eliminates redundant billing from project to project. When LCS plans for your long-term success, we make sure that the legwork for your future projects are already staged in the beginning rather than having to repeat work to accommodate the latest requirement.

Advanced Public Services

How does your agency handle Public Access in 2020? Does it include online live streaming for the general public that cannot attend in person at your Meeting Hall?

Did you know that ADA compliance requires that any…

Do you work for your citizens or do they work for you? LCS can help create a solution that utilizes modern live streaming services to maximize your reach to your citizens and allow them to participate in a manner that facilitates their busy lifestyles. With live streaming they can easily stay informed and ask questions of their local representatives, all from the comfort of their own homes or on the go!

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