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Existing Clients - Automated Service Sign-Up

Already a customer of LCS? Then this is the page for you!

To help ease the transition into our new, automated billing system until 4/1/2021 LCS is offering 30 days of free service to help cover any overlaps of the old system vs. new system (and as a way to THANK YOU! for your help helping making LCS a successful website management company!)

To help make things as seamless as possible LCS has provided a couple of "Getting Started" tips:

  • LCS uses Paypal for all payments and uses a monthly subscription model that automatically bills your credit card each month for the fees related to your primary services. To help maintain peak efficiency and to help keep prices low for all clients LCS does not accept payments via cash, check, or EFT/Bank transfer.


  • Don't use your personal Paypal account! To help keep your business finances clean and separated from your personal life LCS recommends using an account that is dedicated for Business Use Only. If you need help signing up for a Paypal account please contact our Support Staff.


  • When extra fees are incurred for services rendered, LCS will issue a separate invoice detailing the individual charges. These invoices are not currently part of the automated billing system (planned for Q1 2022).


  • Unlike the legacy billing model which issued invoices on the 15th that are due on the first of each month, LCS now offers clients the flexibility of choosing their own due dates for their monthly fees. The date that you've signed up for services will become your new monthly billing date. If you'd like, you can coordinate your official start date with CMH without impacting existing services.



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